4 Benefits of Installing Pocket Doors in Naples, FL

Pocket doors are a great choice when refurbishing a home in Naples, FL. They are an alternative to hinged doors and are preferred by many Florida homeowners. Keep reading to learn the four benefits of these non-traditional doors known as pocket doors.

Saves Space

The space benefit of pocket doors is most apparent in small rooms or tight spaces. Traditional hinge doors swing out into a room when open. This means the door uses valuable space you could put to better use.

When you open pocket doors, the doors slide inside a wall cavity and disappear into the wall. These doors aren’t set up the same as sliding glass doors. Keep that in mind when working on the design plans for your refurbishing project.

Offers Several Design Options

Pocket doors can fit into just about any design or color scheme. The doors blend in with their surroundings and don’t draw attention to themselves. However, you can use different colors and finishes for the doors if you want them to stand out as a design element.

Installation Is Simple with Professional Help

Installing pocket doors isn’t as easy as just replacing a traditional hinged door. But when you contact a professional installer, the process is pretty simple. As long as your walls meet the installation requirements, an installer can get the job done.

Nice and Quiet

Pocket doors generally make very little noise when you open or close them. They don’t squeak or creak like doors with hinges. Many homeowners appreciate the silence and peaceful environment.

Are Pocket Doors a Fit for Your Naples, FL Home?

Contact Absolute Window, LLC to learn more about pocket doors. We can check your walls to make sure they’re appropriate for pocket door installation. If the walls pass the test, we can then choose the appropriate pocket door kit to fit your space.

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